Rules for Aces Up


Also known as Idiot's Delight, Firing Squad, or Drivel. Similar games in Solitaire Plus include Golf and Pyramid Golf.




  • A tableau of 4 cards in four piles (one card in each pile).
  • The remaining cards are placed in the stock.


  • The top card in the tableau is available for play.
  • Click any top card in the tableau to discard it only if another top card in the tableau is of the same suit and higher value.
  • Aces are considered the highest ranking card and cannot be discarded.
  • An empty tableau space may be filled with any top card of the tableau.


  • Whenever desired or if play comes to a standstill, click on the stock pile to deal one additional card to each of the tableau piles. It is not compulsory to fill empty tableau spaces.
  • No recycle of the stock is allowed.

To Win

  • Move all of the cards except the Aces (48 cards) to the discard pile.


Tips: Any cards covered by an Ace can only be removed if the Ace is moved to an empty tableau space.


Scoring: One point for each discarded card. Maximum score is 48.


Chance of Winning: 1 in 20 games.