Rules for Scorpion II


Scorpion II varies from Scorpion only by the fewer number of cards dealt face down. Fewer face down cards increases the chances of winning. Other similar games in Solitaire Plus include Simple Simon and Double Scorpion.




  • A tableau of 49 cards in seven piles (seven cards per pile).
  • The first three cards of the three leftmost tableau piles are face down (hidden), the remaining are face up (exposed).
  • The remaining three cards are placed in the stock.


  • Any exposed card, regardless of its position in the tableau, may be built in descending suit sequence on the top card of another pile.
  • Whenever the exposed cards of a pile are cleared away, the next hidden card is exposed and becomes available for play.
  • A space made by clearing away an entire pile may be filled by only a King (plus the cards, if any, covering the King).


  • Whenever desired, click on the stock pile to deal the three stock cards face up to the three leftmost tableau piles.

To Win

  • Order the thirteen cards of each suit, from King to Ace, in descending suit sequence in the tableau.


Tips: Work to expose the hidden cards in the tableau as soon as possible. Attempt to keep one tableau space empty during early play to accept a King when exposed.


Scoring: One point for each card in descending suit sequence in the tableau. Maximum score is 52.


Chance of Winning: 3 in 4 games.