Download Version 4.1 DEMO: Released 17 January 2021

A feature-limited demo version is available for free download below. The demo version does not expire, however it has the following limitations that are not present in the registered version:
  • Only 50 unique deals are available for each solitaire variation
  • The Redo feature is disabled
  • The "Skip All Confirms" option is disabled
  • The bouncing card animation on wins is only previewed
  • Only 4 of 106 tiled background images are included
Please note that the demo version cannot be converted to a registered copy and is not an upgrade for registered users. After purchase and subsequent download of the registered version, the demo should be deleted.
Alternate download link for Version 4.1 Demo: [ - 18.7 MB]

Downloads below are for customers on older versions of OS X

Legacy DEMO version 3.3 for MacOS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10 users: [ - 8.4 MB]

Legacy DEMO version 3.0 for MacOS X 10.5/10.6 users: [ - 8.1 MB]

Legacy DEMO version 2.2.2 for MacOS X 10.3/10.4 users: [ - 6.6 MB]

Legacy DEMO version 1.3.1 for MacOS X 10.1/10.2 users: [SolitairePlusDemo.sit - 3.8 MB]

100% Clean Downloads

Only the files necessary to play our game are installed on your computer.

System Requirements

Solitaire Plus! 4.1 requires
macOS 10.11 or later

(Universal legacy versions available

for earlier OS X users)

Big Sur/Monterey Compatible!

Solitaire Plus! version 4.1, our latest version, supports Big Sur/Monterey (macOS 11/12).


Please first test our DEMO version before purchasing.

If already a registered user, to obtain the latest update see this tip. See the detailed release history here.

Why not save time, skip the demo, and get the registered version now? Your satisfaction is guaranteed.