Rules for Pyramid


Also known as Pile of Twenty-Eight. Similar matching games in Solitaire Plus include Giza and Nestor.




  • A tableau of 28 cards, arranged in seven rows forming a pyramid shape.
  • At the beginning of the game, only the seven cards of the last row in the pyramid are available for play.


  • Discard pairs of cards that total thirteen (13) by matching available cards from the tableau (pyramid), the stock, or wastepiles with any other available card. Matches include: A-Q, 2-J, 3-10, 4-9, 5-8, 6-7.
  • As cards become completely uncovered within the pyramid, they become available for play. Cards uncovered by a card in play from the pyramid are not available.
  • Discard Kings singly by single-clicking on them.


  • Turn cards from the stock one at a time, placing the card in the first of two wastepiles.
  • The top card of both wastepiles is always available for play.
  • Two recycles of the stock are allowed (for three total passes through stock).

To Win

  • Move all the cards to the discard pile within two recycles of the stock.


Scoring: One point for each card moved to the discard pile.


Chance of Winning: 1 in 50 games on first pass. 1 in 7 games if the stock is recycled twice more.